Register with Stateline Mass Transit District

Before scheduling a ride, you must register with Stateline Mass Transit. Please complete the following registration form. Please allow 24 hours for your registration to be processed before scheduling your first ride.

For a downloadable form to be filled out and mailed Click Here.

ALL residents of Roscoe, Rockton, Rockton Township, Roscoe Township and South Beloit are eligible for service within the SMTD service area (which includes all 5 entities mentioned above) as well as to Rockford Mass Transit District’s Hwy. 173 bus stop and Beloit Transit System’s Shirland Ave. bus depot. The fare is $3.00 for each one way trip.

Qualified military veterans ride FREE.

Check box below, if applicable. You will need to provide copy of DD214 or State ID denoting veteran status.

Are you a qualified veteran?:

Seniors, Disabled and children are eligible for half fare ($1.50). Please check, if applicable:

Half Fare Qualifications:

SMTD also provides trips for its residents into the Rockford or Beloit area for medically necessary trips to approved medical facilities.

Do you live in the SMTD area and need to go to Rockford or Beloit for a medically necessary trip?:

SMTD also provides service to employees who work in Roscoe, Rockton, Rockton Township, Roscoe Township and South Beloit.

Do you live outside of the SMTD area?:

Will you be connecting with SMTD bus at the RMTD or BTS bus stop to get to/from work in the SMTD area?:

Do you have or want to list an emergency contact?:

Stateline Mass Transit District

11722 Main Street, Roscoe. IL 61073

Phone: 779-771-6778  Ride Scheduling: 877-561-3330